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Social sciences-IL is an electronic network of communication that aims to enhance effective communication between academic staff, administrative staff and research students across social science disciplines in Israel. The network was inaugurated in February 2008 by Prof. David Levi-Faur, an Associat Professor at the Department of Political Science and the Federmann School of Public Policy and Government at the Hebrew University. Subscribers are welcome to shape the rules of the network and to encourage their colleagues and research students to join.

The Goals of the Network

The goal of the network is to create a common space for discussion of professional issues, to promote an integrated and diversified research community, and thereby to strengthen ties and communication between researches in social sciences from different disciplines. Active communication and social ties are a pre-requisite for professional development as well as transparency and openness.

There are at least three reasons why a virtual community of social sciences in Israel is important.

First, the existence of open professional communities, in addition to organizational frameworks of the employing institutions, is essential for the development of the profession, as well as for the thriving of an active and robust civil society.

Second, it seems that the academic mission and the disciplinary goals of social sciences in Israel and abroad are not clear. The intellectual realm of social sciences, like that of the political system and the Israeli society in general, has been going through processes of division and fragmentation. The Social Sciences network would provide means of communication among researchers from different disciplines and perspectives, thereby it might be able to contribute to a better understanding of these processes.

Third, the system of higher education is a significant pillar of the Israeli society. Its prosperity and success are in the interests of each and every one of us. Electronic open forums might be able to promote these common interests in an open and critical manner.

Submitting Messages

To submit message to all members of the network please send your message to:

Subscribing and unsubscribing to the network

You can subscribe and unsubscribe from the network by sending a request to:

Archive of old messages

The archive contains all the messages that have been submitted to the network since its inception in February 2008. Access to the archive is possible with a password, through the homepage of the network. To receive a password use your email address with which you have registered to the network.

Editorial policy

The network's moderator exercises discretion regarding the publication of submitted messages. The purpose of the publishing policy is to maintain a balance between the goals of the network as an open list and its professional objectives. Subjects that are not of the concern of the members of the group as a group will not be published, but only after a special consideration.

Network's rules and guidelines

The rules and guidelines of the network are taking shape with our experience. Members of the network are encouraged to contribute to this proces. This can be done by adding and/or editing this page. In order to do this one has to register to the network (See instructions above).

In principle, the network is restricted to academic issues that do not get enough space in other media. However, in some cases it is possible to use the network for “private” purposes such as advertising apartments in cases of sabbatical.

Messages have to be signed by full name and affiliation.
It is recommended not to add a full and detailed signature to the message

In responses to other messages, it is recommended to delete the original message

The content of the messages represents the views of the authors and they are published on their responsibility only

Department Seminars

Messages regarding Departmental Research Seminars will be published in the network only after discretion and in taking into account the estimated interest of the network  and the existence, or the lack, of alternative, more focused, ways of publishing these events.

Do Note Send

  •  Copies of messaged addressed to addressees who are not members of the network.
  •  Chain letters.
  • Brief responses without explanations.
  •   Derogatory responses.
  •   Private messages regarding selling/buying of items, with the exception of apartments for rent in the context of sabbatical and short term academic visits .
  •  Anonymous messages.

Languages of communication

  •  The common languages in the network are Hebrew and English. Please be advised that in some cases there are difficulties in reading Hebrew messages when messages are coming back and forth among members.
  •  It is possible to submit messages in Arabic, Russian and Amharic. We have had no previous experience with these languages, but we welcome messages in these lanaguages.
  • When you write a messages in other languages thanHebrew or English, please let the administrator know what the content of the message consists of, in order to enable him/her to decide whether the message suites the list.

Suggestion, ideas and responses

You are encouraged to express your opinion regarding the operation of the email list Social Sciences-IL. In order to do that, please register to the site (See above) or contact the moderator

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